Hey, What happened?

I know what you’re thinking – that this serial has been abandoned, that it (like so many other things) has piqued your interest only to disappear without so much as a phone call. This is not entirely true. The Blue is simply on hiatus. Blame changing weather patterns, or gas prices, or the corrupted political process (or the fact that the writer is momentarily overwhelmed by work and school). At any rate, the story will continue. Until then, try not to think of poor AJ tumbling through the darkness. And by all means, if you suddenly can’t shake the feeling that someone is watching you, don’t turn around. Not yet.


Chapters 13 & 14 posted.

Chpaters 13 and 14 can be accessed through the “Chapters” tab above.  And really, how can you resist a chapter named “Guts”?

Chapter 12 Posted

After a bit of a summer hiatus, Chapter 12 of The Blue has been posted and can be accessed through the “Chapters” tab above. Why the long wait, you ask? Well, there are two possible explanations. The first is that June was a busy month and I fell behind. The second possibility is that someone out there does not want this story to be told – someone who would prefer that we remain ignorant about his existence, at least until it is too late. I’ll let you decide which one to believe.

Chapter 8 Posted

The latest chapter of The Blue can be found in the Chapters menu above. If you are just starting, be sure to start with Chapter 1. For my regular readers – don’t be too disturbed if you’ve been hearing noises from within the walls of your home, and don’t worry too much if you haven’t been able to shake the feeling that someone is watching you as you lay in bed at night. This is to be expected. I warned you in my first post that the legend of The Blue is closer than you think…

Chapter 7 Posted

A rodent-free Chapter Seven has been posted to the Chapters menu. But don’t worry, there are worse things than rats…
Begin reading The Blue by clicking on the “Chapters” tab above. If you are just starting, be sure to begin with chapter 1.

Chapters 3 and 4 Posted…

Something is coming, and encoded in the chapters of The Blue are clues that, when combined, will point to the exact chapter in which that something will appear. Each chapter can be accessed from the “Chapters” menu above. If you are reading The Blue for the first time, be sure to start with Chapter 1.